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New Season starting August 2024!

New Season starting August 2024!

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SDW Sports Club

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7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Beginner Training Session

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8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Int/Adv Friendly Game

*free trial SESSION for new joiners!

*free trial SESSION for new joiners!

For adult FLINTA* of all playing levels & identities:

Group training organized by a coach. Learn the basics of playing football, develop your technique and build your confidence to play matches!

Duration: 1.5 hr training session

Sign up today to join a free trial session.

For the intermediate & advanced players who just want to play pick-up games in a fun & friendly setting. Sign up per game, no commitment necessary.

Duration: 1.15 hr (minminimum 10 required to play)

Register here to be added to the Whatsapp group!

Int/Adv: Friendly Games

*inclusive of TRANS MASC and All gender-nonconforming individuals

For FLINTA interested in Coaching or Refereeing:

Create your own training sessions, practice your delivery, and receive guidance from an experienced coach. No previous coaching experience necessary! All members have access to a FREE coaches support Whatsapp group, too. Sign up today!

Coach Mentoring

Sign up as a referee to receive FREE training & practice games to apply your knowledge. Take the first step by signing up, and then you’ll be able to earn extra cash through refereeing at local leagues!

Referee Training

A safe space for FLINTA & BIPOC Communities

FLINTA Football is a space for all FLINTA across the spectrum: across identity, ethnicity, or ability, this space is for you to develop in your football journey as players, coaches and referees.

FLINTA: Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Nonbinary, Trans, Agender

BIPOC: Black, Indigenous, People of Color

As a community space, we are committed to challenge oppression in all its forms. Discrimination, prejudice, or domination will not be tolerated. Our aim is to approach all sessions with an intersectional & decolonial lens, creating a safe and fun environment for all to develop. If there is something we can do better to support the communities mentioned, please let us know by reaching out to us.

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I always wanted to play football, but I didn’t know it was possible for Trans people. I heard about inclusive groups, and I came all the way from Rotterdam to participate here. The whole week I am so excited to play football, and this gives me something to look forward to.

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– Tiffany (Group Member)

Never played football? No problem!

As an adult, we know how difficult it can be to learn a new sport, or just develop your skills. At FLINTA Football, our aim is to support all levels to play the beautiful game - bringing the fun along with the learning :)

The Beginner Training Sessions are recommended for absolute beginners to advanced-beginners. You will take part in coached training sessions in groups of 15 players or less. You can sign up per session - no obligation or commitment necessary!

Each training session will focus on technical development

(ie. ball control, passing, attacking), with the aim of building your confidence and football IQ to participate in playing games.

Registration for FLINTA Football is free! Once you register, you will be sent a welcome email with a link to join the dedicated Whatsapp group where you can sign up for sessions on a weekly basis.

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Why FLINTA Football?

Because we as a collective need more inclusive spaces to play football & more opportunities to create diverse role models at every level of the game.

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About the Founder

Lyne Ismail (she/her) is the Founder and Head Coach of FLINTA Football. She is a ​long-time football lover, community builder, and advocate for making the game of ​football more inclusive. She has been a football coach for over 7 years, and carries a ​UEFA B Coaching License from the England FA. Her most recent coaching job was ​with the Pakistan Women’s National Team as their assistant coach in the summer of ​2023. Lyne has Lebanese/Iraqi roots, but carries a multi-cultural open-mindedness ​from having lived and worked in several different countries. She has a Sport Science ​& Management degree from McGill University in Canada, as well as a minor in ​Gender and Diversity from Vrije University in Amsterdam. Since January 2024, Lyne ​resides full time in Amsterdam with her partner and their cat, making Amsterdam her ​new home-field.

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Football has always been a transformative power in my life. My playing journey with ​football began as a 7 year old. Growing up, I never had any FLINTA-identifying ​coaches, and so I never saw myself being a coach. Now, I feel it’s even more ​important to be a role model and support FLINTA football development not just as ​players, but to become coaches and referees. My driving force is to make football ​accessible to the communities most marginalized, and to create spaces where ​those same FLINTA’s can go on and become role models for others.

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Photo by Rik Versteeg

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